We take upon several roles and responsibilities, to transform and refine e-waste management. Here’s a quick walk-through for you to understand all that we do

Collection & Logistics

We pride ourselves for our efficient, well-integrated and transparent logistical practices. We facilitate country-wide pickups through hassle-free, automated and user-friendly processes

Delivery Guy
Recycled Plastic


The mission to recycle the e waste and work towards a sustainable world is the crux of our business. We also provide certificates to all our clients, who are essentially e waste generating companies, such as hotels, hospitals etc

EPR Fulfillment

We certify and help meet your EPR targets. We facilitate recycling and disposal on behalf of producer organizations meeting your social and environmental responsibilities

Chip Probing
Computer Circuit Board

Data Destruction

We provide both on-site and off-site data destruction services before recycling your e waste, to ensure your stored information remains confidential and secure.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies having CSR responsibilities can donate their e waste to Synkra Innovations. Donating and recycling your e waste with us is tax-deductable, and can be adjusted in one’s CSR targets.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin
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Prolonging the useful life of electronics through inspection, refurbishing, reconditioning and packaging, where electronics go through stringent quality checks for identifying defects and are repaired by highly skilled technicians